Product Overview

Key Features

    Support for SPI @ 12MHz max clock
    Support for I2C @ 3.4MHz max clock
    Support for UART @ 1000000 max baud
    Support for Dallas 1-Wire
    Support for Atmel Single-Wire Interface
    Provides 3v3 and VUSB power rails
    1 x DAC Output, 5 x ADC Inputs
    GPIO / Interrupt / PWM Support
    Programmable RGB Status LED
    Field-Upgradeable Device Firmware
    Cross-platform Support for Windows, Mac, Linux
    Robust, low-profile Aluminum Enclosure
    USB Type-C Connector

Common Applications

    Firmware Development
    Proof of Concept Development
    System Debugging
    Automated Hardware Testing
    Automated Firmware Testing
    EEPROM Programming
    FLASH Programming
    FRAM Programming

Connector Pin Map

Device Description

The Binho Nova Multi-Protocol USB Host Adapter allows one to interface their computer directly to hardware circuits. This device is powered by the USB connection to the host PC and is also able to provide downstream power to test circuits.
The Binho Nova Multi-Protocol USB Host Adapter features 5 signal pins, 1 x 3v3 pin, 1 x VUSB pin, and 3 x GND pins on its 10pin wire harness. The wire harness terminates with a female 1.27mm 2x5 IDC connector. In IO Mode, the 5 signal pins can be used for varying functions such as Digital Input, Digital Output, PWM Output, Digital Interrupt (on rising edge, falling edge, or change), Analog Input, or Analog Output.
Additionally, the host adapter is able to utilize these pins to communicate on several digital buses: I2C, SPI, UART, (Dallas)1-Wire, and (Atmel) Single-Wire Interface. While in these modes of operation, remaining available pins can be assigned to other related or unrelated purposes such as gpio, interrupts, chip selects, PWM signals, or analog input or outputs.
The Binho Nova Multi-Protocol USB Host Adapter is ideal for manual testing during firmware development and debugging as well as a perfect way to automate hardware testing and validation. A common use-case of this product in production environments is for EEPROM/Flash Memory programming along with functional testing activities.

Included Components

The Binho Nova Multi-Protocol USB Host Adapter comes along with a helpful breadboard breakout adapter and with a 1 foot USB type C (male) to type A (male) cable in a soft-shell zippered case.
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