App Layout

Upon launching Binho Mission Control, the initial screen showcases several features designed for ease of use and convenience.

  • Navigation Menu (Left Panel): Positioned vertically on the left, this menu can be expanded or minimized with a click of the or button. At its top, you'll notice two prominent buttons: the On/Off button and the Settings button.

  • Command Panel (Center Panel): By pressing the On/Off button, devices connected to the computer via USB are displayed here. For our demonstration, four devices are listed: a Binho Nova Host Adapter, a Binho Supernova Host Adapter, and two built-in simulators that emulate these host adapters. Users have the option to disable these simulators through the settings menu.

  • Device Info Panel (Right Panel): When a device, such as the Binho Nova Host Adapter, is connected, this panel provides detailed information. Displayed metrics include the device ID, the connected port, product name, vendor and product IDs, as well as firmware and hardware versions.

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