Binho Mission Control app is a multi-platform desktop application that simplifies device orchestration during embedded system development and testing.

It provides a user-friendly GUI that facilitates interfacing with electronic devices that communicate through a range of protocols, including I2C, I3C, SPI, UART, GPIO, and 1-WIRE, through a host adapter.

The app is compatible with the Binho Nova host adapter, Binho Supernova host adapter, and will be with other host adapters in the market.


Supported Devices:

  • Binho Nova Host Adapter.

  • Binho Supernova Host Adapter.

  • Future compatibility with other host adapters in the market.

  • For users who may not have immediate access to the supported physical devices, the app offers built-in simulators.

Core Features:

  • Diverse Protocol Support: Seamlessly interface with devices across a variety of protocols, including I2C, I3C, SPI, GPIO, UART, and 1-WIRE.

  • Transactional Clarity: Effortlessly execute various protocol transactions, from standard write and read operations to advanced functions such as transfer and CCC commands.

  • Intuitive Configuration: Tailor your device interactions by configuring parameters specific to each protocol. Whether it's adjusting the bus voltage, setting the clock frequency, determining the read payload size, or assigning the address, BMC puts you in the driver's seat.

  • User-Friendly Design: Boasting a clear and intuitive interface, BMC ensures that both novices and experts can get the most out of their device interactions.

  • Unified Experience Across Devices: Whether you're working with the Binho Nova or the Binho Supernova, BMC offers a consistent and comprehensive experience.

Elevating your engineering process

Many semiconductor manufacturers create their own engineering tools to aid customers in product development with their chips, as existing tools are usually poor. This leads to various evaluation tools specific to manufacturers, making the development process unnecessarily complex, inefficient and painful.

Binho Mission Control is designed for engineering prototypes, development, and testing equipment. Its main goal is to become a single, user-centered software tool that sets the standard, allowing engineers to streamline the development and testing phases by eliminating the long feedback loop that arises when coding, building, and testing devices through a microcontroller.

With this software, the user can easily perform the allowed transactions of each protocol, such as write, read, transfer, CCC commands, etc. Besides, the user can configure several parameters depending on the protocol activated. For example, the bus voltage, the clock frequency, the read payload size, the address, etc.

The following sections delve into the functionalities of the BMC App. These sections provide a detailed understanding of features for each host adapter, offering clear insights into the app's capabilities and potential uses.

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