Protocol Activation

Dive into the interactive tour below to explore and experience switching protocols as if using a Binho Nova Host Adapter.

Situated vertically on the left side of the user interface, the Navigation Menu enables users to seamlessly switch between the different protocols supported by the currently connected host adapter.

While navigating, you may observe that when the SPI protocol is activated followed by the activation of I2C, a warning message 'Pin conflict: shutting SPI down' appears. This is due to the Nova host adapter's design, which features a versatile port accommodating all protocols. Some pins can overlap between protocols. To prevent any pin conflicts, the app proactively shuts down any conflicting protocol.

However, such an issue is absent in the Supernova host adapter. This is because the Supernova boasts four distinct ports: 1 QWIIC I2C, 1 I2C/UART/SPI/GPIO, 1 LV I3C, and 1 HV I3C, eliminating any potential for pin overlap and conflicts.

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