Getting Started

Welcome to our Getting Started Guide. Both the Binho Nova and the Binho Supernova were designed for ultimate flexibility, as such, there are multiple ways to control and interact with them. First, follow the Hardware Setup Guide to quickly get your device connected to the host computer and your electronics:

Hardware Setup

Once everything is connected, follow the guides below to learn how to interact with the Binho Nova and/or the Binho Supernova, using our GUI desktop application Binho Mission Control. Alternatively you can use one of the SDKs we offer to obtain more configurability.

Desktop App Guide

The best way to familiarize yourself with the Binho host adapter is to test it using Binho Mission Control, the cross-platform desktop software designed for interfacing with host adapters. Even if you plan to use it in automated settings, starting with the GUI is recommended before you begin writing scripts.

Binho Mission Control

Python SDK Guide

When you're ready to start writing your own automated scripts, take a look at our guide for using our Python SDKs.

Python SDKs

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