Getting Started

Welcome to our Getting Started Guide. The Binho Multi-Protocol USB Host Adapter was designed for ultimate flexibility, as such, there are multiple ways to control and interact with it.

Level #1 - GUI Guide

The easiest way to get familiar with your Binho Multi-Protocol USB Host Adapter is by taking it for a test drive with our cross-platform desktop GUI software. Even if you intend to use it in automated environments and applications, the GUI is a great starting point before diving in to writing scripts.

Level #2 - Python Guide

When you're ready to start writing your own automated scripts, take a look at our guide for using our open-source python libraries.

Level #3 - ASCII Guide

And when you're ready to go to the deepest level of device interaction to learn how to control it from any language/platform capable of opening a serial port and sending ASCII text, have a look at the guide below. This guide is presented using CoolTerm due to it's elegant GUI and relatively identical performance across all the platforms supported by the Binho Multi-Protocol USB Host Adapter.

If you're looking for the full in-depth explanation of all the features of the Binho Multi-Protocol USB Host Adapter, then skip right ahead to the User Guide.