Command Panel

By navigating this interactive tour, gain a hands-on understanding of the dynamic capabilities and user-friendly design of the Command Panel.

Centrally positioned between the Navigation Menu and the Transaction Log View, the Command Panel serves as the primary input panel. Here, users can interface directly with devices connected via the chosen host adapter. The options displayed within the Command Panel dynamically adapt based on the selected protocol.

To provide a tangible example, the interactive tour below showcases configurations and transactions with an accelerometer sensor, interfaced through a Binho Supernova Host Adapter.

Walk through the following steps in the example:

  1. Initialize the bus by clicking the "INIT BUS" button.

  2. Select the accelerometer sensor, identified by the address 0x08.

  3. Opt for a push-pull clock frequency set at 12.5 MHz, the maximum frequency supported by the I3C protocol.

  4. Adjust the bus voltage to 3.3 V.

  5. Proceed to read a sequence of 10 bytes.

  6. Conclude by executing two CCC command requests: GETBCR and GETMWL.

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