Updating Firmware

Firmware Update via Binho Mission Control

Ensuring your Binho host adapter operates with the latest capabilities is crucial. With Binho Mission Control, updating your firmware is streamlined, and here's how:

  1. Launch Binho Mission Control: Start up the application after ensuring it's properly installed.

  2. Connect the Host Adapter: Plug in your Binho Nova or Supernova host adapter to your computer.

  3. Navigate to the Connection: Access the Connection menu within the application.

  4. Mount the Host Adapter: Choose your connected device from the list and initialize connection.

  5. Access Bootloader Mode: On the right side of the interface, click the "ENTER BOOTLOADER MODE" button. The host adapter will transition to a mode that’s ready to receive new firmware.

  6. Transfer the Firmware: Drag and drop or copy/paste the firmware file onto the device, just as you would with a standard USB storage device.

  7. Firmware Verification: Post-update, it's good practice to ensure the firmware version on the host adapter reflects the recent update. This can usually be checked within the device information section.

Remember, regular updates equip your device with the newest functionalities and security patches. Make it a habit!

Firmware Update via script

Alternatively, you can update the firmware using the following Pyhton script:

# Import Python package
from BinhoSupernova.Supernova import Supernova
from BinhoSupernova.commands.definitions import *

# Define on event callback.
def callback(response, sys_message):
    if response:
    if sys_message:

# Connect to Supernova device.
supernova = Supernova()

# Request to enter in boot mode

To run this script you need an installed version of the BinhoSupernova package (for more information please reach out to supernova@binho.io). After running the script, follow steps 6 and 7 of the previous guide.

Firmware Releases

Binho Supernova

Starting with version 2.10.1 of the Binho Mission Control App, compatibility will be limited to Supernova devices running firmware version 2.x series only. Please ensure your device's firmware is updated to continue using the app without interruption.

Latest stable version

Version 1.3.0 (Compatible with Binho Mission Control 2.9.0)

Binho Nova

Version 0.2.8 - Stable

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