V0.2.1 - Stable

This releases introduces the following enhancements to I2C Peripheral:

The following use of Master/Slave terminology is considered obsolete. Controller/Peripheral is now used. These firmware commands will be deprecated in an upcoming firmware release.

  • Added I2C SLAVE MODE command to select between USEPTR (Use-Pointer Mode) and STARTZERO (All R/W operations start at register index 0).

  • Exposed the Pointer for set/get operations using I2C SLAVE REG PTR commands

  • Added bit-level register access permissions using I2C SLAVE READMASK and I2C SLAVE WRITEMASK commands

  • Added ability to configure the number of registers from 1 to 256 via the I2C SLAVE REGCOUNT command.

This release fixes the following bugs:

  • No known bug fixes.