1. Implements the new SPI CS pin control command, available in firmware version 0.2.7 and up, to have tighter timings on CS pin edges.

  2. Fixed crash on old Nova FW on SPI tab when sending more than 256 bytes of data to old FW.


  1. Improved device discovery and connection management on Win, MacOS, and Linux.


  1. Improved I2C & SPI Data Transfer Performance

  2. Added checking for Mission Control updates on application startup

  3. Added firmware version detection & update prompt on device connection

  4. Numerous Bug Fixes

  5. Stability Improvements


  1. Improved I2C Addressing support with option for 7bit or 8bit addresses

  2. Added support for UART Bridge mode of operation

  3. Added device firmware update support

  4. Added software check for update feature

  5. Improved UI (Splash Screen, Device List, etc.)

V1.0.5 Alpha

  1. Fixed bug in Reset and Reset to Bootloader functions

  2. Fixed a variety of UI layout issues

  3. Fixed errant unit labels

  4. Enabled LiveScroll on PWM Frequency and Duty cycle sliders

  5. Added release for 32-bit Linux

V1.0.0 Alpha

Initial Release