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There are a number of accessories available that can make using a Binho Multi-Protocol USB Host Adapter even more convenient.
First in line is the breadboard breakout, making it easy to interface with 0.1" headers. This is such a common need that one of these is included with the host adapter, but it's good to know where to get more:
Qwiic is a fairly new open standard when it comes to hooking up I2C devices, brought to the world by Sparkfun Electronics and gaining adoption across the open-source hardware industry. We've made a board which makes it easy to interface the Binho Multi-Protocol USB Host Adapter with qwiic devices. This board is also a great way to breakout the header to a number of pins which can easily be jumped to other circuits or observed with your logic analyzer.
If you're working with a fixture or board that was designed for use with another common host adapter, but you'd like to find an easy way to get it hooked up to your Binho Multi-Protocol USB Host Adapter, then perhaps the Total Retrofitter is exactly what you're looking for:
If you have an idea for an accessory that would make your job easier, please feel to let us know at [email protected] and we'll see what we can do to help.