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Total Retrofitter

This board makes it easy to interface your Binho host adapter with common 2 x 5 pin 2.54mm pitch connectors used for other common USB host adapters. Beyond changing the connector pitch, it also implements the pinout of TotalPhase(R) Cheetah and Aardvark adapters so that you can readily use any of your existing development boards and fixtures designed for use with those tools.
The small form-factor ensures it will fit perfectly in any place that the previous wire harness could connect. There are also two footprints for configurable solder bridges. One is used to tie the power pins to VUSB, 3V3, or leave disconnected. The other bridge is used to select the protocol (I2C or SPI) being used, so that it can match the pinout of the Cheetah / Aardvark correctly for the given use-case. Please see the Configuration Guide for the details.
This board is 20mm x 9.5 mm and comes with 0Ohm 0402 resistors for convenient configuration and is available for purchase in our online store here.