ASCII Command Set

The ASCII Command Set provides an easy means to open up a serial port connection and interact with the device via a human-readable protocol. This is ideal for tasks such as debugging device drivers / performance issues, as well as device evaluation and proof of concept development.
This section of the User Guide is presented in the format of a "Language Reference" to list all of the commands and their parameters. A "Programmer's Guide" which demonstrates how the commands can be used to achieve certain functionality can be found here.
The ASCII Commands are broken down into several categories.


The device category includes functions which get device information, control the LED, and set the mode of operation among other things.


The buffer category includes the functions necessary to read/write the internal buffer. Using the buffer is especially useful when sending predetermined multi-byte transfers, such as when reading and writing FRAM, EEPROM, and FLASH memories.


The IO category includes the functions necessary to control the pins when not being used for digital communications. Each of the available IO pins can be assigned a variety of functions such as digital input, digital output, analog input, analog output, PWM output, and other specialized functions.